Nursing Board Registration In Singapore – Useful Information for Foreign Nurses

Posted on August 17, 2011


Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. As a place to work, Singapore attracts a variety of professions including nurses from other countries. But before everything else, you must first familiarize yourself with the registration requirements for foreign nurses in Singapore.

We have gathered some details most of which is cited in the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) website. In essence, the process is as follows:

All applicants are required to have completed a nursing course in one of the accredited institutions in Singapore credited by the SNB. Otherwise, for those outside from the country, you must submit a record showing you have attained a professional nursing educational qualification. This educational qualification  must be recognised by the  SNB. Besides educational and professional registration criteria, nursing applicants will also be evaluated on work and training experience in various medical institutions.    

The employer will do an evaluation of competencies through interviews. If selected, foreign nurses may have to be assessed by way of a written examination administered by the SNB. At times, one may be required to undergo short review courses.

Documents are required for licence application to the SNB, along with  an application form supplied by the SNB.

The general requirements for documentation submission are as follows:

1.     Letter of employment if applicant is trained outside Singapore. (One will be eligible to take the SNB exam with this)

2.     Certified true copies of (the Singapore employer will validate & certify once you present the documents):

      NRIC, Birth Certificate, Passport or Marriage certificate (if applicable)

      Registration from a licensing body as a Nurse (Ask the licensing body to directly send a certificate of registration together with your board rating result to the SNB)

      Training Certificates (Make sure these are up-to-date and valid)

      Transcript of Record for Nursing Education. (Include a breakdown of the number of hours allocated for theory and related learning experience. It would also be best if you request your training institution to send the TOR directly to SNB)

      Work Testimonials. (Indicate all as well as current positions, area of exposures, bed capacity and period of employment.; work testimonials must be signed off by the  Director of nursing at the least )

SNB registration is part of the process. Foreign staff, through the employer have also to apply for an appropriate work pass from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. 

 Again, for more exact details, do visit the Singapore Nursing Board website.


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